40 plus colours Giant Car Bows For A Present

Where to buy giant red bows for cars near me?

The Big Car Rosette Bow is of our exclusive design and one of our most popular big car bows.  Our Big Card Rosette Bonnet Bow arrives ready to use with a soft magnetic fitting on the reverse to temporarily hold the big bow in place for your big reveal.  The Vehicle Bonnet Bow is made of FSC-Certified Card and available in over 40 different colours.

  • The Bow Arrives Ready To use
  • The bow is76cm Wide, 110cm Long
  • The Loop Height is 15cm
  • Material: FSC-certified card 
  • Fixings: Soft Magnet on reverse
  • Next Day Delivery
  • 40+ Colours Available
  • Recyclable
buy big car Rosette bow

our Big car bonnet bows arrive ready to use

Buy BIG CAR BOWS -Bows Arrive Ready To Use

Buy Big Car Bows With No Construction Required

Our BIG Car Bows ARRIVE READY TO USE – Car Bonnet Bows are perfect way to wrap big car purchase you make.

Use The Big Bows Straight Out Of The Box

Our big bow making company are here in the UK, our bow makers can produce our big bows ready to use, there’s no construction necessary on our big car bows!

Open the box and place on your gift in a few seconds. Our giant car bonnet bows can be made in big bow colours of your choice from a huge selection of materials in stock, we can even made 2 or 3 colour combination big bows to match your new car or corporate colours.

Need a large bow for a large present then our large bows are perfect, big bows made by big bow manufacturers in the UK, with a next day and free delivery option for our car bows in the UK.

Glitter Pink Giant Car Bow
buy pink car bow
Car Wrapped With Personalised Ribbon

Giant Car Bows in the UK

Our big car bows are perfect to be placed onto car bonnets, roof or windscreen, each of our bows arrive with attachments such as magnets, ties or sticky pads on the reverse to make using our big bows really easy. Your bow ARRIVES READY TO USE.

Your big car bows give your gift that extra WOW factor and you will see our big bows featured around the country, on TV and local shopping centres & car showrooms.

We offer discounts on our big car bows for trade and business customers. We can also offer personalised big bows with your special messages or business details for in-house promotions or new homes.

Our BIG car bows are now available in the UK for car dealerships from your big bow specialists. Bespoke big bows have been bespoke designed by our giant bow makers also available on request for PR companies and big event makers. We can also supply co-ordinating extra wide ribbons to wrap your new car or extra large gift.