Shiny Car Bonnet Bow – 2+ Colours


  • Shiny Metallic Car Bonnet Bow is a beautifully crafted addition to your car.
  • Available in shiny gold, silver, and red, and made of high-quality, sustainable card from the UK.
  • Rosette-style design with many loops for a full effect.
  • Measures 76cm across and 110cm from the top of the bow to the end of the tail, with loops approximately 15cm high.
  • It arrives ready to use with a magnetic fitting on the reverse.
  • Made of card and secured with no sharp pieces that could damage your bonnet.
  • ARRIVES READY TO USE – No Construction Required
  • Car Bows has been making big car bonnet bows since 2007 and offers a bespoke bow-making service and other styles of big car bows.
  • Perfect for decorating a new car or a large gift.
  • It can be used temporarily outside if the weather permits, but best used indoors due to being made of card.
  • No construction is required, making it a hassle-free addition to your car.